Meet the Long’s

Hello and welcome to our blog, I’m Philippa a 28 year old mother and stepmother to six wonderful children who we raise in Berkshire, United Kingdom.

Aplatefor8 started out with a very different goal in mind, Philippa and Michael Long gave birth to their sixth child in June 2017. A baby girl who they named Thea, at five weeks old the new parents realised something was seriously wrong and it wasn’t just the usual baby stuff they had been lead to believe. The couple discovered their daughter Thea has Congenital Heart Disease called Tetralogy of Fallots and was currently struggling to get enough oxygen around her body. At 7 weeks old there baby girl was critical and fighting desperately for her life and an emergency theater space.

While confined to the hospital room, lonley and away from her family Philippa began to document the struggles of being a CHD mum on their Instagram page @aplatefor8.

Today Thea runs around with all of her siblings despite her heart condition and awaits further surgery. Although she may need to take life a little slower than her peers there is no stopping Thea and her family.

As a large family they get questioned on a regular basis how they keep there shopping bill ridiculously low and yet eat healthy. Since Thea’s surgery the Instagram page has bloomed into a page for sharing meal ideas and documenting weekly shops for low prices.